The journey begins....

You are entering the college search with your first, second or even third son or daughter knowing that each experience will be different and have its own unique chapters; often confusing and filled with questions about what will be the best choices for your family. There's a good chance you are speaking to friends, family and co-workers who you hope will offer help and guide you in the process which lies ahead. This is not easy stuff! It takes time and effort to bring a dynamic college search to life. Daunting? Yes! Exciting? We hope so! Challenging? Always!

Imagine if you could enlarge your circle of contacts in this search by one person. An individual who has spent over 30 years in the field of college admissions, one who has devoted an entire career working with and for students and families in the college search. A trusted professional who has been at the heart of over 20,000 admissions decisions, countless financial aid deliberations and one who has trained and guided dozens of professionals who currently serve in the field of college admissions and college counseling. An experienced partner in the process; a "coach" and advisor to help you through these next few months or even years as you explore the many options which lie ahead.

We understand that first and foremost, the college search process is PERSONAL and UNIQUE to each student and family member. It is a transition which is one of the most important in a young person's life and success in that transition can bring a lifetime of rewards.

We care what the future holds for you and look forward to the possibility of a lasting partnership as we guide you through all aspects of the admissions and financial aid process.

To continue the journey, contact us at 401-423-1602